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Extreme Scream 2

Excerpts from Extreme Scream Volume #2 Screaming Lesson


The most anticipated, most requested vocal training lesson for singers, lead screamers, low growlers and metal heads is finally here!

9 months in the making, this intense 30-minute follow-up lesson to Volume #1 is packed with proven grit/rasp vocal techniques and tips that will show you how to properly apply "heat" to your vocals in the style of Metallica, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains...without damaging your voice.

Back by popular demand for this lesson is Jaime's student Brian Kelly (Severed Chains) who, along with Jaime and his band, will show you how to add these grit & rasp techniques for maximum effect & flavor:

* low grit
* midrange grit
* smoky/breathy grit
* grunge grit
* nasal grit
* blues growls
* and much more!

As in Extreme Scream Volume #1, this lesson will NOT be teaching you boring vocal scales. Nope.

Instead, you'll be practicing along with Jaime to a kickass metal music soundtrack which makes learning Jaime's vocal techniques fun & easy.

Long considered one of the "holy grail" techniques of singing/screaming, grit can instantly transform a boring "ho hum" vocal performance into "holy sh*t, did you hear that?" performance. And in this amazing lesson, Jaime & Brian break down all the misconceptions about grit & rasp and reveal the fundamental secrets and key ingredients that can help you effectively (and safely) transform your own vocal performances into scorching-hot, chainsaw-ripping, muffler-rumbling, grit masterpieces.

Whether you are a rock singer or a metal screamer, the grit/rasp techniques discussed in this lesson can be applied to any style of music you sing or scream.

Extreme Scream Volume #2: Grit & Rasp Vocals is a 30 minute downloadable MP3 lesson that comes with a bonus outtakes video and an Extreme Scream II cheat-sheet for quick reference of the secrets to mastering each type of grit & rasp Jaime discusses.

For the next few days, you can get this brand new lesson from Jaime for only $24.99 instead of the $29.99 suggested retail price - and even at the suggested retail price, it's worth every penny if you want to learn Scream Singing like the Pros. Download it now and start learning immediately!

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"You wanna sound like a razor-blade wheeled panzer shredding over asphalt without any vocal chord damage? Get Jaime Vendera's 'The Extreme Scream Series' and nail these screams and growls with ease!"


Extreme Scream 1

Excerpts from Extreme Scream Volume #1 Screaming Lesson


Are you frustrated with boring vocal instructors who claim they can teach you how to scream-sing the right way, but only show you boring scales?

Do you want to learn how to scream, growl and ROAR! in the style of bands with aggressive 'unclean vocals' such as White Chapel, Divine Heresy, Arch Enemy and All Shall Perish--or even melodic metal screamers such as Disturbed, Lamb of God, Linkin Park, Shadows Fall, Avenged Sevenfold and Godsmack, to name a few?

Do you want to strengthen your voice, increase your range, and scream effortlessly for longer periods than you've ever been able to scream-sing before?

And do you want to do it in a fun way...that's motivating AND won't hurt or damage your voice?

Look no further. This intense, 45 minute (90 minutes for the entire program), 120+ MB downloadable MP3 audio lesson by master vocal coach Jaime Vendera is what you need. Just $24.99!

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Based on over twenty years of research and development, the Extreme Scream Vocal Series by world-renowned Master Vocal Coach Jaime Vendera is packed with over 90 minutes of screaming secrets, cutting-edge screaming techniques, extreme scream vocal exercises, bonus vocal warms-ups & cool-downs, and a brutal, adrenaline-charged metal soundtrack that will actually motivate you and make you WANT to practice. This definitely 'ain't your father's singing lesson and we promise you, you won't find any boring piano scales in this lesson!

This is intense, hardcore vocal training for today's modern screamers and scream-singers.

Taught in clear, step by step, and easy to follow extreme scream vocal instruction by Jaime and his student Brian Kelly of death metal band "Severed Chains", the Extreme Scream Series is the only screaming lesson you'll need to learn how to scream-sing the RIGHT way so that you can scream night after night, effortlessly, without blowing out your voice.

Low guttural screams, Midrange screams, High screams, death whispers, pterodactyl screams, pig squeals, the demonic multi-harmonic scream (2 pitches voiced at the same time), grunts, growls, sirens and more are all covered in this comprehensive screaming lesson. Jaime even includes 4 bonus warm up & cool down exercises (lip bubbles, 'Gregorian hums', 'the Chewbacca', and the 'Vocal Fry') to get you warmed up properly AND cooled down properly after each performance.

Forget what you may have read on a blog or seen on an amateur youtube video, screaming is an artform and requires proper training and technique taught by a professional to help you achieve the kickass results you want (and to avoid damaging your voice). Vocal coach Jaime Vendera is known for his POWERFUL voice & amazing glass shattering ability and has been featured on popular television shows like MythBusters, the Dr. Oz Show and more; he's taught metal/rock vocal workshops around the world; and has been the private vocal coach for some of the most famous progressive, rock & metal vocalists out there. In short, he knows what he's doing and in the Extreme Scream Vocal Series, he shows you how to transform an ordinary scream into an unholy, beastly shriek that'll break a few glasses of your own.

Whether you want to learn how to scream/sing rock, metal, death metal, grindcore, metalcore, punk, or screamo, you'll find all the techniques you'll need in the Extreme Scream Series if you want to scream with power and brutality.

A private, hour-long training lesson with Jaime costs $150.00 and up. But you can download this 120MB, 90 minute program with Jaime for a fraction of the cost of a private lesson.

What are you waiting for? Download your copy of Extreme Scream Volume #1 today and start screaming tonight!


Jaime Vendera is one of the most sought-after vocal coaches on the planet. Using the methods that he created and perfected in his 25+ year singing career, Jaime turned his two-octave range into six octaves with 120 decibels of raw vocal power. And now, he's showing some of the most famous rock & metal vocalists on the planet how they, too, can strengthen their voices and increase their range.

When singers need to add more vocal range, power and projection, maintain their voices, or build up vocal stamina necessary to perform every night, they call Jaime.

Ben Thomas of Dweezil Zappa says that Jaime is the 'Mr. Miyagi' of vocal coaches, while Mat Devine of Kill Hannah considers him more of a 'Yoda.' James LaBrie of Dream Theater said, "Because of my lessons with Jaime, my voice is feeling and sounding better than it has in twenty years. I am spot-on every night. He is the Vocal Guru." Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge said, "One time during a tour, I was so sick I could barely make it through the set. It looked as if we were going to have to cancel the next show. Jaime spent some time giving me some tips that helped me regain my voice. By the next night, I was able to perform the show. He is fantastic! I recommend his books, (products) and his private instruction to ALL singers."

Jaime is a world-renowned glass-shattering voice-strengthening specialist. He is not considered a typical voice teacher. He has an unusual approach to vocal training. His training allows a singer to unlock their voice by creating a variety of primal sounds. This allows them to unleash the power of vocal resonance and projection.

His secret lies in his unique approach to training. It is a combination of tapping into your primal scream, unleashing the power of true breathing and using your mind to master your voice. It develops vocal muscles, much like body-builders develop their biceps by lifting weights. His self-developed vocal training system, the 'Isolation Method', allows a singer to build the voice note by note, in minimal time. His Vocal Stress Release program, which views the entire body as a vocal instrument, releases all physical stress. The combination of the two prepares the human instrument for a perfect performance.

His latest vocal training product, The Extreme Scream Series, is a result of over twenty years of intense research & development. The result is a revolutionary new vocal training program made for today's modern lead screamers. "I was tired of seeing so-called experts on youtube giving kids the wrong advice about how to scream, " say Jaime when asked why he developed the Extreme Scream Series. "Lead screaming is an artform and needs to be taught by experts so that you do not damage your voice. Unfortunately, many of the screaming techniques shared on the internet today are totally wrong in their approach and incorrect in their theory, placement & technique. I wanted to release a product that showed singers and screamers how they could scream the RIGHT way--with minimal effort, yet maximum POWER--without burning out their vocal cords.

After completing the Extreme Scream Series, Volume #1, singers/screamers of ALL rock & metal genres should now be able to perform the most popular screams, night after night, without damaging their voices." Jaime continues, "Another reason why I developed this program was because, quite frankly, I was fed up seeing little old ladies at their pianos teaching metal vocal & screaming techniques. What rock & metal singer is going to be motivated to practice to piano scales? None. So, we set out to make the Extreme Scream Series a fun, motivating screaming program with a killer, brutal soundtrack that actually sounded like the kind of music my metal vocal students listen to every day."

"This program is unlike anything you have ever heard before. It's straightforward, honest, motivating, fun...and 100% Metal!"

What's included in the Extreme Scream Volume #1 Program:

Extreme Scream Volume #1 contains a 45-minute lesson, 25 minute-long bonus warmup/cooldown exercises, a 20-minute music soundtrack with no vocals (so you can practice on your own without Jaime's voiceover), a bonus video guide and a handy ebook manual.

* The Extreme Scream Series will teach you everything you need to know about screaming the right way. But don't take our word for it. Here are some reviews from actual singers who have used the program:

"I've had Extreme Scream Volume #I for a few hours now and already see results!" --Roar Sorli, lead vocalist, Madhouse

"I just got Extreme Scream Vol. 1 and I have to say "I Love It". You want to scream? You want to growl? You want that gut wrenching primal sound? THIS IS HOW YOU GET IT. And Jaime teaches you how to do it and still be able to talk after the show. I highly recommend Extreme Scream Vol. 1 to anyone who is serious about screaming or just adding that aggressive flavor to your vocals." --Chris Hergenroder, lead vocalist, Random Conspiracy

"Jaime Vendera is my protege. That's why I passed on my glass shattering secrets! He IS the #1 vocal coach on the planet!" --Jim Gillette, Nitro, Organ Donor

"I never thought I would be able to sing with so much power and grit and still have a voice afterwards. The Extreme Scream program will take your vocals to the next level, so fasten your seat belt and prepare to take one hell of a ride to total vocal freedom!" --John X, Lead singer, Back for More Band

"The Extreme Scream program is an EXTREMEly helpful series, breaking down the differences between the different genres and all the practice material. It's about to get EXTREMEly metal in here!" --Cory Maples

"Jaime, your theory and knowledge of the voice is overwhelming! I will find all of this very invaluable. Thank you!" --James LaBrie, lead vocalist; Dream Theater

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